Blue Arrow is a broker-dealer powerhouse that prides itself in its integrity

Blue arrow enviable professional edge in risk management delivery came on stream at a time when the needs of highly professional services are being seriously desired. Our is a leading risk service solutions company in Nigeria

Blue arrow as a private registered company will continue to strive to maintain its lead in the insurance industry. Our mission is global in outlook. Blue arrow has been built and will be sustained in its leadership position by a team of well–trained, seasoned and highly motivated professionals in their various fields in their business.



Welcome to Blue Arrow Insurance Brokers Limited


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protecting you is our business

Our focus is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and justify the aspirations of our shareholders.

Life Insurance

With our vast experience in life insurance we will represents you effectively by reviewing offerings from multiple life insurance companies,

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Oil & Gas Insurance

Our deep understanding of the concept and practice of client representation and risk management in the oil and gas sector

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Health Insurance

Our trained insurance professionals provide clients with the most appropriate health insurance policies.

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Property Insurance

We work with clients to find the best policies to fit their financial situation and need.

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Since 1914, the New York Mutual Insurance Company has been serving policyholders – protecting businesses, mitigating losses, defending claims.